Eagle kites by Jackite fly menacingly from a pole to repel Canada geese. Actually flies. Wings flap in the   wind.

"The Veg Pro International Farm in Sherrington, Canada had 50 acres of lettuce ready to be harvested for McDonald's Corp. The health inspectors discovered dozens of Canada geese grazing in the lettuce fields. They were given 24 hours to correct the problem or the whole crop would be condemned. 12 eagle Jackites cleared all the geese out within the 24 hours and all the way to harvest time." Agri-Flex, Henryville, QC

"The eagle predator kite works great. It kept our property from being destroyed." Debbie Victorson

  • Eagle:$64.95 has 54 in. wingspan. 7 ft lead included.
  • 3-D design and 4 color graphics depict every feather of an eagle.
  • Emulates the flight of a real eagle. Wings actually flap as it flies.
  • Proven effective for repelling Canada geese, heron and ducks around pools, corporate landscapes, apartment buildings, and field crops.
  • Waterproof and tear resistant.
  • Made with lightweight Tyvek with tensile strength greater than steel.
  • Can withstand winds up to 35 mph. Heavy duty steel linerig available for winds over 35mph ($4 extra)
  • 20 ft telescoping fiberglass pole $29.00 extra. In windy areas with winds over 35 mph we recommend the heavy duty 17ft platinum pole: $29
  • 30 day unconditional money back guarantee.
  • The Eagle Jackite and the ScareWyndmill used in combination give the best results.
  • Eagle Jackite demo (long download)


Fiberglass poie Arm for fiberglass pole...$3.95 Keeps line from wrapping around pole.

Pole holders
   PVC Stake: $4.95   Wall mount: $14.95  Deck mount: $9.00

To order call: (800) 555-9634 or (803) 939-9622   E-mail us at: JimB@birddamage.com for questions.

Tips for Controlling Canada Geese.*

1. Eliminate any feeding of the geese by the public.

2. If possible, leave the lawn un mowed.

3. Plant tall fescue instead of tender Kentucky bluegrass.

4. Plant unpalatable ground covers such as pachysandra, English Ivy, myrtle, and hosta.

5. Place large stones, tall grass, or a short fence around the edge of a pond to keep the geese from stepping up.

6. Provide more bushes and hedges to reduce the goose's ability to detect predators. Hedges will also discourage geese from walking between ponds and feeding areas.

*Reprinted from "Canada Goose Management". Cornell Cooperative Extension of Rockland County. ©1995

For more information on Canada geese control go : "Managing Urban Canada geese."


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